Diamond Scooters UK

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About us ...

Diamond Scooters are an organasation/scooter team in the UK area, formed by Matty and Ryan on the way to a local skatepark. We decided we should make a team to give good riders a chance for sponsorship and in the future improve greatly. 

Diamond Scooters are currently designing T-Shirts and merchandise for the riders and anyone else who wants them. When we have finished the designs we will get them printed and then sell them for a low price. Hopefully soon we will be making parts, e.g bars and flexfenders. If you would like to apply for sponsorship send us a video at DiamondScootersUK@gmail.com

We are also currently working on edits for the riders and our promo will be released soon. 

<--- Latest Edit  uploaded please check out more videos on youtube   channel:DiamondScootersUK  please subscribe and also check out team rider darren turners edit